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Burger King is perhaps one of the most popular fast food chains all over the world. If you are an avid customer of Burger King, then you should take part in their customer survey which you can access at

Every time you visit any of the branches of Burger King, you will be given a receipt with a coupon code which you need to use when answering the survey. Aside from helping Burger King to improve their products and services, answering the survey will also give you a chance to win some exciting prizes from Burger King.

The survey made by Burger King is for them to know how satisfied their customers are with the level of service that they provide. This is their way of knowing about their customer’s experience in dining at one of their branches. Aside from answering the multiple choice questions at, you can also provide feedback about the fast food or perhaps offer suggestions to help them improve. As soon as you are done answering, you will receive a coupon code which you can use to redeem prizes on your next meal at any Burger King branches.

Step to Complete Burger King Experience Survey

1. First of all, visit the website by logging in at

2. Refer to the receipt that you received from Burger King and look for a survey code.

3. Key-in the code on the online form and enter the date as well as the time of your visit at Burger King.

4. Choose your State from the drop down list.

5. Begin the survey by clicking “Start”.

6. Answer all the questions at the survey questionnaire and be honest with all your answers.

7. As soon as you are done answering the survey at, you will be given a coupon code which you need to present to Burger King on your next visit in order to redeem your prize.

Redeeming your Prize

To redeem your prize, simply bring your receipt with the survey code to any of the branches of Burger King in your area. Present the validation code that was given to you during the survey. The attendant at the fast food will then give your prize. The prizes that you will receive would vary. Sometimes, you will receive a free burger, sandwich or other meals served at Burger King. So if you have a receipt from Burger King, take advantage of these freebies by checking out

All about the BURGER KING

BURGER KING is one of the biggest chains of burger fast food restaurants with branches all over the world. The company’s headquarters is situated in Florida although their very first store was opened in Jacksonville, during the year 1953.

Today, BURGER KING is one of the most successful fast food chains and is said to have at least 11 million guests daily in their branches worldwide. This can be because of their ability to serve great tasting burgers at very reasonable prices. Up until now, the company is committed to serving the most excellent food products that are made only from premium ingredients. So read on to find out more about the company.
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Available BK Coupons

Burger King, also known as “BK”, is one of the most popular fast food chains all over the world, not just in the US. The company is known for offering the best products and services, and this is the reason why they are becoming more and more popular all over the world. Those who wanted to avail discounts and freebies from Burger King should check out BK coupons. These coupons are all over the Internet now, and if you just know how to search, you can certainly find a lot of them online. So here are the different kinds of BK coupons that you can avail.
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BK Careers – Applying for Jobs at Burger King

Burger King, more popularly known as BK, is one of the most successful chains of hamburger fast food restaurants all over the United States. They are based in Florida and started their operation in the year 1953. Those who want to be part of this successful fast food chain should check out their website at and click on the BK Careers section of their site.

Job Search
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Why Use the Burger King Survey Code

Burger King is one of the most popular fast food chains in the world. When people think of burgers, they think of Burger King. After all, it has almost 13,000 stores spread out in 73 countries. The company is continuing to grow and recognizing the value of their customers, they want to make sure that their customers are always satisfied.
The Company Values your Feedback
No company is perfect, and Burger King recognizes this. This is why they’re always looking forward to improve. One of their strategies is to ask for feedback from their customers and this is why they’ve set up a survey site where customers can offer their feedback.
My BK Experience Guest Satisfaction Survey
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